School Program

Marine Debris Schools Project “One month, one unit, one beach”

Proudly supported by: Two Hands Project and Save our Shearwaters
Our fact sheet (brochure) can be downloaded here: PDF

What does the program offer?
This 4 week, hands-on module introduces the issue of plastic pollution in the environment and the effect it has on our marine wildlife. The program clearly identifies the connectivity, impact, science, responsibility, and the holistic outcome by following the issue through all its’ phases.
The curriculum (Year 7-10) is aligned for Geography and Science and includes a local excursion facilitated by the Two Hands Project and Save our Shearwaters. Here, the students will clean a local beach and scientifically audit what they have collected, breaking it down into types of objects and proportions of the total amount of debris collected. This data will contribute to the Australian Marine Debris Initiative and will be made available to teachers for follow-up classroom activities including plotting the data and group discussion.

Fieldwork and research planning

Stage 4
4G2 Global Environments
4G4 Global Issues & the Role of Citizenship
Stage 5
5A3 Issues in Australian Environments
E2 Oceanography

Stage 4
ES3 Scientific knowledge influences the choices people make in regard to the use and management of the Earth’s resources
ES4 Science understanding influences the development of practices in areas of human activity such as industry, agriculture and marine and terrestrial resource management
Stage 5
ES3 People use scientific knowledge to evaluate claims, explanations or predictions in relation to interactions involving the atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere.


Newtown Yr7 December 2014