TWO Adrift students submitted their thesis in October!

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to TWO of our amazing #AdriftLab Honours students who submitted their thesis in October! 🎉🎉

- Nina Jones, quantifying contamination of samples in laboratory settings (QAQC)

- Hayley Charlton-Howard, plastic induced fibrosis in wildlife tissues

The list of their achievements doesn't end there though: both students also delivered their final seminars which were visually stunning and delivered in an eloquent and engaging manner. Supervisors and the broader audience were blown away❣️❣️


Within weeks, Hayley's data chapter has already been submitted for publication (to a brilliant journal). This is remarkable in itself (her first first-author paper), but especially considering this is her SECOND paper from her Honours!

Ever the hard worker, Nina has decided to postpone publication of her data chapter by a couple weeks so she can complete one more experiment - what a legend! (after she returns from a much deserved break in Cambodia). Once submitted, this will also be the SECOND paper from her Honours, so that's TWO Adrift Honours students with TWO publications in the same semester.

(I swear I was not this capable when I was an Honours student - my goodness these students are just WOW WOW WOW!)

For supervisors (Jack and Jenn), we're thrilled to see our students experiencing so much success, but it's also bitter sweet to be sending them off to the next stage of their science journeys 😍🥹

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