Three Adrift Lab students speaking at Global Biodiversity Festival May 21-23

Adrift Lab are thrilled to announce THREE of our incredible graduate students have been invited to present their research at the "Global Biodiversity Festival" along conservation legends such as “Her Deepness” Sylvia Earle and Philippe Cousteau. The Festival STARTS TOMORROW (May 21-23)!

⭐️REGISTER HERE⭐️️ to join us and 140+ additional speakers from the frontlines of biodiversity loss as they shine a spotlight on amazing life, difficult challenges and good news conservation stories 💚

Adrift Lab speaking schedule:

Lillian Stewart: Sat May 22 9pm (Hobart time; 7am Eastern New York time)

Presentation topic - Gulls and garbage: our trash is another gull's dinner

Harrison Talarico: Sun May 23 2pm (Hobart time; 7am Eastern New York time)

Presentation topic - Using bioacoustics to investigate migration timing in seabirds

Emma Nichols: Sun May 23 5pm (Hobart time; 7am Eastern New York time)

Presentation topic - Plastic accumulation on one of the world's most remote islands

This non-profit festival will bring exciting guest speakers and virtual field trips to the general public, while raising funds for important conservation work around the world. Registration is now open, head over to the website (link above) to get started!

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