NEW PAPER "Far from a distraction: Plastic pollution and the planetary emergency"

📢BREAKING NEWS📢 A new research article by #AdriftLab titled “Far from a distraction: Plastic pollution and the planetary emergency” tackles the urgent questions and occasional controversy surrounding #PlasticPollution, #ClimateChange, and society’s ability to acknowledge and address more than one environmental crisis simultaneously.

The article covers 5 key topics:
• Plastic pollution and climate change are intrinsically linked
• Plastic denialism and scepticism
• Plastic as a pervasive pollutant
• Plastic pollution as a human rights issue
• How plastic and climate change research should not be in competition

Conclusions from this research? “The dissenting voices that have labelled plastics as a “distraction” are few. Instead, those working in this area have increasingly adopted terms such as “ocean emergency”, “persistent marine pollutant”, “environmental crisis”, “planetary boundary threat”, and “plasticene epoch” to highlight the pace of change we are witnessing, scale of the challenge we face, and broader scientific consensus about the threats posed by plastic pollution.”

The paper’s been published #OpenAccess in the journal Biological Conservation, so it’s freely available to everyone! Read more here ➡️

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