Lillian and Megan Feature on Ocean Protect Podcast

Lillian Stewart and Megan Grant posing together

This week, recent Honours graduate Lillian Stewart and PhD candidate Megan Grant featured as guests on the Ocean Protect Podcast. The podcast, hosted by Jeremy Brown (Co-Founder of Ocean Protect) and Brad Dalrymple (Environmental Engineer with Ocean Protect) boasts a diverse array of guests including researchers, educators, communicators, politicians, and public figures; where the health and state of our ocean is discussed as well as solutions to many of the issues currently faced.

"Jeremy and Brad are Fantastic hosts with a brilliant platform to communicate science outside of the lab. We had so much fun talking bird vomit and other glamorous things we do as part of our research!"
— Lillian Stewart

Among the topics covered, Lillian and Megan spoke about the results of their recently published paper Ingestion of anthropogenic debris in an urban population of gulls, and how Tasmanian gulls are ingesting some of the highest rates of anthropogenic debris when compared to gulls globally.

"It was such an honour to be invited onto the Ocean Protect Podcast and to share our research to the wider community"
— Megan Grant

The Adrift Lab ladies also talked science communication, community engagement and citizen science.

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