Beaker Street Festival Wrap-up: WHAT A WEEKEND!

The 2021 Beaker Street Festival has (nearly) wrapped-up for another year, and what an incredible event it was! Held over 10 days, Adrift Lab featured in two events over two nights.

The first "SCIENCE UNFILTERED: DISPATCHES FROM THE FRONTLINES OF A RAPIDLY CHANGING WORLD" included 3 members of the Adrift Lab team - Lillian Stewart (PhD candidate), Jennifer Lavers, Megan Grant (PhD candidate) and artist Lucienne Rickard from #ExtinctionStudies. These powerhouse #WomenInSTEAM (STEM + the Arts). Their hour-long seminar included details of their personal, lived experiences being on the front line of the plastic pollution problem facing our oceans and wildlife. The discussion was honest, raw and showcased what so many people around the world are dealing with right now: the consequences of environmental destruction. Eco-grief. The presentation was recorded live - watch the video on Beaker Street's Facebook page by clicking HERE


The second "DEBATE! “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE (SCIENTIFIC) TRUTH!” featured Dr Jack Rivers-Auty from Adrift Lab alongside a star-studded cast of Tasmanian scientists, journalists, and politicians. The incredible Professors Gretta Pecl and Barbara Holland, Dr Jess Melbourne-Thomas (Tasmanian of the Year, no less!), Bob Brown, and Charles Wooley. The audience (both in-person, online, and live via ABC Radio) were encouraged to boo, hiss, clap and cheer as they were treated to a highly entertaining battle of brains and bravado! Jack's science communication skills are TRULY SPECTACULAR and we could not be more proud!! The debate was recorded live - watch the video on Beaker Street's Facebook page by clicking HERE

![](/img/jack.jpg "A very animated Dr Jack Rivers-Auty as he presents the (scientiftic) truth at the \"Grand Debate\" event")

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