Jack Rivers-Auty


Dr Jack Rivers-Auty

Dr Jack Rivers-Auty spent his whole research career investigating the immune system. He started with dwarf beans (yes, bean plants have an immune system) and then took the big leap to medical immunology. Jack’s focus is what makes the immune system go wrong, causing damaging inflammation. Jack has researched inflammation in different contexts from Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, lung inflammation.

Recently, Jack joined the University of Tasmania as a Lecturer in the School of Medicine. Since arriving, his investigations have resulted in another big leap in his research career to focus on wildlife affected by microplastic exposure. Jack is an accomplished researcher, with two first-author papers in Nature Communications in 2018, and a skilled science communicator, having twice won the Three Minute Thesis Competition and the Neuroscience Young Scientist Divisional Speaker Award (2018).

He blogs regularly at www.jackauty.com and on Twitter (@mere_conjecture). Adrift Lab is thrilled to welcome Jack (and his PhD student, Bali Lee) on board our interdisciplinary and international team - we look forward to the unique skills and insights they bring to our team, and to this important environmental issue!