Dr Joby Hollis


Dr Joby Hollis portrait

Dr Joseph (Joby) Razzell Hollis is a multi-disciplinary analytical chemist and Marie Curie research fellow based at the Natural History Museum, London. His research has covered several topics, including the nanoscale organization of solar cell materials, the photochemical degradation of organic molecules, and how to define and detect biosignatures on Mars. Before joining the Natural History Museum and the Adrift Lab, Joby was a postdoctoral scholar at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where he worked on the Perseverance Mars rover mission.

Joby’s fellowship (in collaboration with Adrift Lab) focuses on developing robust and quantitative methods for analysing the composition of microplastics that have been eaten by seabirds. He will use the data to understand whether certain plastics are more likely to be mistaken for food, or have a disproportionately worse effect on seabird health and mortality. This research will help inform environmental policies that reduce the impact of manufactured plastics on marine wildlife.